Excelling in the VUCA world

The VUCA world

The magnitude and pace of change we are experiencing today is unprecedented. Organizations are getting swamped by a multitude of changes and it is affecting the way they operate. These put an urgent demand on organizations to transform themselves or else they may sink into oblivion.

Organizations are required to visualize, anticipate and factor in these changes / trends in the strategies they are creating for future to stay relevant in this highly Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous environment called … VUCA.

Workshop Design

Bodhi Nexus has taken a holistic view and proposes a multi-day comprehensive workshop with carefully designed modules. Since collaborative efforts are the key to get any work accomplished to perfection, the need for team-building has never been greater. Thus, focus on building strong team will flow throughout the workshop modules and activities.

A sneak peek at the workshop flow is offered below:

  • Relationship Building – activities to bring everyone together and create harmony and consensus for collaborative work, a key to success.
  • Emotional Intelligence - develops self and social awareness, improves group dynamics, enhances relationship management skills, uncovers blind spots etc.
  • Change Management - prepares to accept and adapt the rapid changes quickly to stay alert and alive in the organizational context.
  • Brainstorming Mega Trends - understanding relevant mega trends, their impact and how to leverage them in context of business. (Bodhi Nexus presents well researched trends to kick start discussion)
  • Competency Assessment – identify top competencies needed and assessing employees on these competencies (via a skills matrix). Prepare plans to bridge the competency gaps for Organization Readiness.
  • Prepare roadmap for future - a group exercise that excites and leads everyone to co-create roadmap for future considering all the above factors. The actionable outcomes are short, medium and long-term plans with ownership and accountability.

Organization Benefits

As an organization, you gain immensely and benefits you derive are listed below:

  • Get acquainted with the VUCA factors impacting your business.
  • Understand the relevant Mega Trends that offer great opportunities for transformation or may pose challenges to cause serious disruption.
  • Develop emotionally intelligent organization to weather the effects of change and potential conflicts.
  • In-depth assessment of desired competencies and organization’s readiness that is crucial for success.
    This exercise also uncovers many organizational blind spots e.g. availability of competencies that an organization is either not aware of or has not leveraged.
  • Consensual roadmap for journey towards shared vision, leveraging Mega Trends and organizational competencies with clearly defined ownership and accountability of employees.