Negotiation Skills

All successful organizations and businesses require people who can negotiate well. The art of effective negotiation forms the foundational basis for expansion of a business as well as consolidation of its position.

Effective Negotiation Skills is thus aimed at allowing the participants to effectively resolve issues and implement solutions through the understanding of how people make decisions as well as the enhancement of their ability to gain distinct advantages during the negotiation process.

The participants will definitely find this intensive and dynamic course a refreshing and empowering experience.

Program Objectives

Upon completion of this workshop, participants will be able to;

  • Use of a proven framework to manage negotiation events
  • Apply techniques to uncover needs versus wants and interests versus positions
  • Apply specific influencing skills to move the negotiation towards a win-win direction
  • Establish a Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement
  • Practice and integrate skills to arrive at a win-win outcome
  • Effectively structure the negotiation process for individual and team
  • Display dynamic negotiation and psychology for win-win outcome
  • Create an image persona in presenting offers
  • Use various elicitation techniques to derive alternative and solutions
  • Design the action steps to fit to negotiation strategies and purposes
  • Possess greater confidence towards effective communication
  • Apply negotiation skills to their social and professional situations

Target Audience

All corporate professionals and individuals who need to negotiate with business associates, vendors, customers and colleagues in any setting.


The participants will improve in the following areas after the program:

  • The Mind-Set, Behavioural Traits and Skills-Set of an Effective Negotiator
  • Knowing and Understanding Your Negotiation Abilities and Qualities
  • Negotiation Process Versus Content
  • Preparatory Tactics Management:
  • Timing and Setting
  • Diagnose Explicit and Hidden Needs Versus Wants: At Organisational and Individual Level
  • Control The Time, Place, Person Negotiation Climate
  • Questions and Statements to Reinforce Common Ground, Needs and Interest
  • How to Communicate in Negotiation?
  • Body Language During Negotiation for Greater Advantage
  • Listening Skills to Improve on Negotiated Results
  • Managing Critical Questioning and Answering Techniques
  • Internal Team Control Signals for Team Negotiation
  • Understanding What is BATNA
  • How to Apply Opening Tactics n a Negotiation?
  • How to Choose from The General Tactics to Move Your Negotiation Toward a Desired Direction
  • How to Apply Counter Tactics in Different Settings
  • Steps for Concession-Making and Gaining
  • Positive Signals to Close the Negotiation
  • How to Handle Difficult Negotiators