Mastering Emotional Intelligence (EI) for Effective Performance

To be successful you need to be emotionally intelligent

Studies of 500 organisations worldwide indicate, that people who score highest on EI measures rise to the top of organisations. IQ contributes only upto 20 percent to one’s success and the rest 80 percent depends on one’s EQ.

Organizations need to have Emotionally Intelligent employees is stronger than ever. We are living in VUCA world (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Uncertain) and understanding of EI can help organizations encountering

  • Rapid pace of change
  • Changing & demanding nature of work
  • Increasing emphasis on performance
  • Globalization of markets and rising competition
  • Increasing complexity
  • Rising stress levels

Emotional Intelligence builds the capacity to recognize, express and control one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.

There are numerous benefits to developing high levels of emotional intelligence and the good news is that anyone can increase their EI with some good training. So, what are you waiting for; get onboard with us and take the first step towards a successful career and happier life!

Program Objectives

  • Provide a framework for understanding EI
  • Measure your EI skills and develop your EI capabilities
  • Self-awareness & Self-management
  • Social awareness & Social management
  • Learn and apply EI strategies for developing the four core EQ skills
  • Creating an EI environment
  • Developing an emotionally intelligent organisation
  • Using EI as a change management strategy
  • Steps to organisational EI
  • Outline guidelines on how to use EI

Target Audience

Leadership Team: To implement organization wide strategy on incorporating emotional intelligence in various facets of organization operations with an aim to improve performance and manage change. Use as a tool for one-on-one coaching for employees with high potential. Recognising emotional intelligence as a change management strategy

Human Resources: Incorporate EI into new employee orientation program. Serve as internal EI consultants to organization resources requiring emotional support.

Business and Function Departments: Sales Managers, Supply Chain executives, Accountants, Engineers, Service Executives etc can become EQ champions for their department and mentor their division on EI to improve day to day operations

Academic Institutes: Develop EI of their administrative and teaching staff.


  • Successful use of emotional intelligence within an organisation
  • Harmonious & positive work environment
  • Improved leadership & influencing capability
  • Enhanced self-awareness & self-management
  • Increased personal effectiveness; personal success
  • Enriched interpersonal relationships & Empathy
  • Enhanced social awareness & understanding of other’s emotions
  • Enriched professional relationships
  • Self-motivation & optimism
  • Effective communication
  • Self-confidence
  • Improved Conflict resolution


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